July 29, 2009

Articles written: 4
Articles still to write that are due today: 1
Hours slept last night: 12

So I might have been moaning a bit and my stomach might have been grumbling a bit on this evening’s bike ride — last night at this time I was still deep in the clutches of a bout of food poisoning — but there were worse noises eminating from my bike. I passed three people on total clunkers that were quieter than my $5,000 (approx.) ride.

I am embarassed by my bike.

There. I’ve said it. Hi, I’m Dina Mishev and I’m embarassed by my carbon race fiber, Dura-ace component-ed, SRAM crank-ed, creaking, clicking Cervelo S2. Maybe now that I’ve admitted it, it will start to get better. After all, it has been fixing itself off and on since the noise first appeared this spring. (It hasn’t been fixing itself for the past two weeks though.)

Judged on performance alone, the bike rules. Going downhill at fast speeds? It’s actually fun versus terrifying. Super fun.

Tonight though, noodling out to Teton Village, my calorically-deprived legs protesting every other rotation, was not super fun. It was creaky. I fear I’m going to DNF at the Tour de Park City this Saturday not becuase I can’t ride 170 miles, but because I’ll get so unbelievably annoyed at the creaking I’ll throw my bike off a cliff four hours into it.

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