October 15, 2009

Courses eaten at dinner tonight: 4
The course that took the longest to read (and eat): the “pistachio icebox cheesecake tempest” dessert. Really. I wish I was making the “tempest” part up. And that wasn’t even the most pretentious part of the description. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what was as it took pretty much an entire paragraph to describe the concoction. I do remember the last line talked of a champagne infused fizz bubble. I’ll post a photo and complete description (and translation) as soon as I track down a copy of the menu.

Two nights ago I “showered” in the bathroom of a Chevron station. Although perhaps “shower” is too strong a word. Redistribute? I brought a lot of Grand Canyon dust and sand back up from Suapi with me. And only a few pounds of it were in my sneakers. But I digress. The Chevron shower was followed by a night spent in the van in the back parking lot of the Best Western Prescott. It was a great night. Really. I love van camping.

Last night? I spent 90 minutes having caviar – caviar! — massaged into my face before wrestling with an armada of down pillows in a king size bed. Better than the fireplace next to the bed? The bathroom – complete with a flushing toilet – at the foot. Just a little different from van camping.

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