October 19, 2009

Amazing hikes done this morning: 1 (Camelback Mountain)
Great massages had this morning: 1 (At the Intercontinental Montelucia)
Hours it took the day to go to shit (post massage): .60

So there’s one good thing about the van having been broken into this morning. I no longer have to worry about unpacking any luggage when I get home. No green satin Prada evening bag to put away on the top shelf of my closet. No uber-funky, balloon-y Skunkfunk skirt (found in an awesome little boutique in Barcelona) to hang up in the closet. Same for a green cordouroy skirt bedazzled with sequins and beads. And the world’s best jean jacket? Whoever picks it up off the side of the road or buys it at some thrift shop or consignment store is one lucky woman. I wonder if my homeowner’s insurnace will pay for me to go back to Nepal to replace two necklaces I no longer have? Thankfully the 14k, made-in-Morocco hoop earrings with embroidery inside the hoops weren’t purchased in Morocco but five blocks from my house. Worst of all? No bike to haul upstairs into the office and put on the trainer so I can ride while watching Tivo-ed episodes of House. Rat Bastards. Paradise Valley, Arizona was anything but paradise this morning. How can someone punch out a lock in a busy parking lot in broad daylight and offload a bike and sundry pieces of luggage out of the driver’s door without anyone noticing? I miss Wyoming.